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Contact us today if you’d like to be involved in our efforts to keep the community drug-free and safe!


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Ready to take the first steps to being involved? Join an Action Team and training sessions to get access to the tools and resources to prevent substance use/abuse and help foster a healthy, drug-free youth.

Join an action team

Do you want to meet other advocates for social change in your community? Check out our full list of Action Teams that includes the Mental Health Action Team, Community Response Team, and more. Join today!

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Our adult training sessions provide great resources for Broward County parents seeking knowledge and change. Learn how to prevent substance use/abuse, become an Active Parent, and join initiatives like SBIRT and WHAM.

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Are you ready to take action? Become a member of our many initiatives! Solidify a better future for Broward County communities with initiatives like Family Day Every Day, Crisis Intervention Team, and more.

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Gain effective knowledge on the different ways you can get involved in your community. Access the documents available to learn more about active parenting, and get started today!