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A national evidence-based initiative for Screening, Brief Intervention, and Referral to Treatment for substance abuse


SBIRT Broward is…

A United Way Broward County Commission on Substance Abuse initiative to identify, reduce, and prevent substance misuse among individuals 14 to 30 years of age

Through training and coaching, health care and community service providers are supported in adopting screening, intervention, and treatment referral activities within their existing systems of care


The SBIRT Model includes…

The SBIRT Process involves…

  • Engaging the Target Population
  • Pre-Screening for Risk Identification
  • Conducting Full Screening and Assessment for Risk Intensity
  • Applying Appropriate Intervention based on risk:
  • Basic Education for No Risk
  • Brief Intervention for Low Risk
  • Brief Treatment for Moderate Risk
  • Outpatient Treatment for Moderate To High Risk
  • Inpatient Care for High Risk
  • Detoxification for Intoxication Crisis
  • Referral to Ancillary Services for Support Needs
  • Administering Full Screening & Assessment at Discharge to Evaluate Success
  • Performing Follow-up Screens for Impact and Sustainability Measurement

The SBIRT Broward Components are...

  • Engaging providers in the process of successfully implementing SBIRT
  • Offering training, technical assistance, and coaching to support SBIRT adoption
  • Providing substance abuse screening to individuals 14 to 30 years of age
  • Conducting brief intervention with individuals who are at-risk for substance abuse
  • Coordinating referrals to treatment for individuals with substance abuse problems
  • Examining the changes in substance use among individuals receiving SBIRT
  • Evaluating the process and impact of SBIRT adoption and execution
  • Facilitating lasting sustainability among SBIRT sites
  • Promoting policy influence with respect to SBIRT application and funding

SBIRT Broward is for…

  • Health care and community providers serving individuals 14 to 30 years of age
  • Service providers wanting to engage people who are not seeking help for substance-related problems, but who have symptoms indicative of problem use
  • Service providers promoting optimal comprehensive and integrated client care
  • Service providers who believe in early identification and intervention
  • Service providers throughout Broward County

Implementation Reports

September 2014

October 2014

For More Information on SBIRT Broward

Contact Angela Ventura at or at 954.453.3758.