United Way of Broward County

2014 Legistative Agenda


Advancing the Common Good

When we advance the common good for our community, we create opportunities for a better life for all. Access to a good education, quality healthcare and pathways to prosperity are the building blocks for a strong community. A key strategy to achieving systemic, long term solutions to community problems is targeted involvement in advocacy for public policy issues at the local, state and national level.

United Way of Broward County believes government plays a critical role in creating change that can improve people’s lives. But government cannot do it alone. United Way of Broward County must actively engage all community stakeholders to advocate for good legislation and sound public policies in order to achieve our mission and goals in advancing the common good for all Broward residents.


Our Priority Issues


Our Community Support Issues

As the largest nongovernmental funder of health and human services in Broward County, we support the efforts of our many community stakeholders, corporate partners and donors in their efforts to improve the lives of all Broward residents. United Way of Broward County fully supports the following public policy issues:

Port Everglades Expansion ProjectsUnited Way of Broward County in partnership with Broward County, Port Everglades, Greater Fort Lauderdale Alliance and Greater Fort Lauderdale Chamber of Commerce supports the Port Everglades Expansion projects that will provide family sustaining employment for Broward County.

Reauthorization of Children’s Services Council:  United Way of Broward County supports the reauthorization of the Children’s Services Council in 2014 to continue the work of providing services that support the needs of Broward’s children and their families.

Broward County Ordinance to Address Underage Drinking:  United Way of Broward County in partnership with The Commission on Substance Abuse, Broward Sheriff’s Office, and the Broward League of Cities supports the adoption of a county wide ordinance to require mandatory vendor training for any businesses selling alcohol after midnight.


Public Policy Advisory Committee

Mission:  To support United Way of Broward County's mission and goals as a thought leader and change agent by providing advocay and strategic guidance to public policy engagement efforts in the areas of education, health and economic prosperity.


Duties and Responsibilities

  • Research and evaluate public policy and legislative issues impacting United Way's community priorities in education, health and economic prosperity
  • Develop an annual legislative agenda on priority issues with supporting issue briefs
  • Build partnerships and coalitions acorss the country and state to promote public policy and legistation that advances the common good and United Way's community priorities.
  • Cultivate relationships with elected officials at all levels of government


Engagement Guidlines

  • Determination on the level of engagement and priority of action are bades on the folllowing guidlines:
  • The issue must align with our community priorities in education, health and economic prosperity
  • Our involvement can positively impact the issue and successfully change the public will to act.
  • We have the necessary resources and community partnerships to support our involvement.


Committee Structure

The Advisory Committee is a broad coalition of community stakeholders that reflect a balance of diverse perspectives, demographis, subject expertise, donor reprsentation and political viewpoints.  The Advisory Committee meets the first Firday of each month.