Broward County

United Way of Broward County Commission on Substance Abuse is working to develop partnerships between licensed alcohol vendors, local law enforcement, city officials and community leaders to prevent and reduce underage consumption of alcohol throughout Broward County and the State of Florida.



  • REDUCE access to alcohol by underage persons
  • AVOID illegal sales to underage individuals
  • EDUCATE the public and vendors on issues regarding underage sales

Community Impact:

  • In Broward County, the annual economic cost of underage drinking to public safety and health issues is approximately $259 Million.
  • On average, youth in Florida have their first alcohol drink at age 13.  Early age onset of drinking alcohol results in higher probability of lifelong alcohol dependency.

Community Response:

  • Implementation of Vendor Training Program: Promoting Retailers Education Program (PREP).
  • Development and enactment of an Ordinance to address mandatory vendor training for businesses selling alcohol after midnight.  This training has shown to have a positive impact in decreasing underage purchase of alcoholic beverages.
  • The Ordinance can be designed to utilize the permit process as opposed to charging an increased tax for licenses to sell alcoholic beverages after midnight.


  • City of Oakland Park has seen its compliance rates with alcohol sales statutes rise from 61% to over 90% since the enactment of its Ordinance.
  • City of Oakland Park raised the permit fees for selling alcoholic products after midnight. Despite a decrease in the number of vendors opting to sell after midnight, the City has seen an increase in revenue of over $46,000 at a time when revenues from other sources have been decreasing.


  • Oakland Park


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