The key community stakeholders recognize the significance of the increasing rate of synthetic drug use in Broward County.  At this time, county hospitals are reporting 2-3 admissions for flakka each day.  Broward County is widely believed to be ground zero for this emerging drug trend.  Consequently, the Commission on Substance Abuse, Broward Addiction Recovery Center and the Broward Sheriff’s Office initiated an integrated collaborative community approach to address this new and dangerous issue. With the advancement of community prevention, treatment and wellness as the community’s focus, extensive work has been done to address the increasing rates of synthetic drugs by unifying branches of the community to provide wide-spread outreach and education to all the districts of Broward County. The United Way Commission on Substance Abuse launched a Flakka Action Team to assess where the community was at in addressing the deadly street drug, Flakka and to unify the outreach efforts of key community stakeholders.  A community action plan was created as a result of that assessment. 

Flakka, Methamphetamine and other Emerging Drug Trends-Presented by David Fawcett, PhD and Heather Davidson

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Participate in a group of dedicated community leaders to stay updated and involved:

Community Flakka Action Team


Resources and schedule of outreach events and training opportunities:

Community Flakka Action Plan


Flakka: The New Designer Drug (PowerPoint presentation for youth)


Flakka Fact Sheet


Synthetic Drug Facts for Youth


Flakka Facts for Adults


Resumen Nueva Droga Sintètica “Flakka”


Broward Sheriff's Office - Interview with Flakka user:

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